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Digital Strategy Services

Our digital strategy services consulting starts with gathering the information and data we need to assess the big picture. As we launch into market research, customer feedback, competitive landscaping, and Social Media; we gain a better sense of what digital marketing channels are the most effective to create an engaging customer experience.

In every scenario, you’ve got something you want to achieve. You need to know the how, what, who, when and where. Without a sound digital strategy and online business plan; you’re going nowhere fast. Whether you are building an integrated digital marketing campaign, creating buzz for a new video game or developing a social media marketing campaign; a smart digital strategy starts with collaboration.

 Our Digital Strategy Services Consulting covers the following:

  • Market Research – Persona development, target audience profiling, competitive landscaping, messaging
  • Ecommerce – Platform selection to customer experience planning
  • Marketing Channel Strategies– Search, email, experiential, social media, guerilla, PR, mobile, analytics
  • Application Development – Need a widget? Facebook app? iPhone app? Drupal community? WordPress blog?
  • Product Audits – What do you have in place? How can we improve it?
  • Customer Experience & Innovation Consulting – What innovation platforms or feedback tools are available? Scope, Identify, Build, Launch
  • Go-to-Market Planning – Launching a new product, service or website? Custom online business planning services for you.

Are you ready? Contact us for a quote.  Bridging Digital Marketing and Technology to engage customers and provide an integrated multi-touch point experience

1. Strategy

Goals are unachievable if you do not have a plan that includes an integrated digital strategy, tactics and milestones. This Discovery phase will explore where you are, where you want to go and what needs to happen along the way.

The following tools enable us to determine the key milestones from our first meeting to implementation.

  1. Discovery
    1. We want to sit down and gain a clear understanding of your expectations, goals and assumptions. We all want to arrive at the end line together and it’s best to huddle together and start a relationship based on collaboration.
    2. Understanding your current customers and ideal ones is next. We’ll spend time learning from you how you see your current customers/clients and how you’d like to engage with your customers/clients for business growth moving forward .  SCE goes above and beyond to ensure we understand who we’re communicating with at the end of the day. We get to know them, profile them, understand their pain points, what moves them and we develop some personas.
    3. With any new program, there’s no silver bullet, BUT a journey. Using the data we’ve collected, we create various journeys as in today’s world, your customer has multiple touch points with your brand or business. And depending on their demographics, they also have different expectations of that customer experience.
    4. Outside of you, there’s the market and competition. We analyze both, build out some nice matrices and see where the opportunity lies.
  2. Planning
    1. Now that the work’s all done, we take all the previous data and distill that into an actionable roadmap created by our great Engagement team.
    2. Depending on the level of engagement, we may be developing wireframes for a website, speccing out a mobile application, developing creative comps for a campaign, etc.
    3. In most cases, with a longer engagement, we love to develop Future Visions so you can see what we imagine for you 5-10 years down the road, while we work with you to focus on the immediate solutions.
    4. Once this round is complete, we would present and huddle together to refine and make the final product shine. (rhyme was unintentional)

2. Implement & Iterate

Now that it’s time to get building, we can play various roles during this phase. SCE can be the project lead, team up with your traditional agency or provide support to your internal team. Our creative and technical capabilities include technical specs, PRD’s, wire framing, information architecture, usability analysis, UI design, e-commerce, content management systems, client-side development and social apps. On the digital marketing side, our campaigns include SEO, PPC, social media, email, PR, blogs, mobile and analytics.

  1. Technology
  • Spec Requirements & PRDs’
  • Concept Design, Wire framing & Prototyping
  • User Interface Design (websites and mobile apps)
  • Web application development
  • QA & Testing
  • Launch
  1. Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Email marketing
  • Guerilla tactics
  • Mobile marketing – SMS, QR Codes
  • Media Buying
  • Contests & Sweepstakes using ContestCore
  • Content Development – video, Infographics, audio, copywriting
  • Website Analytics Configuration – ecommerce, attribution modeling, multichannel, event tracking

3. Management & Optimization

The most important phase of any engagement is how we measure the effectiveness of designs, features and digital marketing campaigns. By setting KPI’s we enable the team to make smart business decisions about the direction of all current projects. We’re here to support those efforts, provide analysis and make our own recommendations. We consider this a partnership and we strive to provide great ROI.

Here are areas that may be highlighted in our status reports:

  1. Website Metrics
  2. Search Engine Rankings
  3. Social Media Metrics & Engagement – influencer tracking
  4. Feature Usage (usability) – event tracking
  5. Navigation Paths
  6. Funnel Analysis
  7. Ecommerce Reporting
  8. Monthly recommendations and strategic sessions

4. Support & Growth

Within every new digital marketing campaign, each new feature is like planting a seed. In order for that seed to grow, someone needs to watch and make sure it’s nurtured. Here at SCE we believe that having a fresh set of eyes on your marketing campaigns and leaving the monthly management in the hands of the experts allows you to focus on the business levers that are in constant motion each day. This approach thrives in long term engagements where you gain access to all of the resources at SCE from strategists, ux, designers, engineers, marketers and producers.

To partner with you, we offer the following as a part of ongoing support:

  1. Website Support & Maintenance
  2. Feature Enhancements
  3. Strategy Sessions
  4. Digital Marketing Campaign Management
  5. Conversion Optimization
  6. Online Reputation Management & Tracking
  7. Technology monitoring – applications, platforms
  8. Creative – advertising and marketing campaigns