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REFERRAL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS   Referral traffic is a great avenue to bring relevant traffic to a website if it’s done right. Now the reason I stress on done right is because relevancy is the key here. Getting users from websites that almost talk the same language as your website does, ensures that theContinue Reading

Content Marketing

Content Marketing   Content Marketing is the art of creating, curetting and distributing valuable content, combined with the science of measuring its impact on awareness, lead generation and customer acquisition. Content consists of creating information which is valuable to a pre defined group of buyers or prospective buyers in an easily digestible medium to encourageContinue Reading


Keyword Research If we’re targeting keywords, getting good traffic as a result, but not converting as much traffic as we’d like, then it might be due to a market validation problem. Basic keyword research typically involves looking at the nature of the web site, creating a list of terms that describe the offers being made,Continue Reading


6 Ways to Create Content Your Readers Will Share   The holy grail of social media is not “Likes” or follows, but shares. And reTweet, too. After all, a “Like” or follow is specific to one person. A share or reTweet gets you exposed to even more people. How many? Well, if you consider that theContinue Reading

Off Page Strategies to Brand your Company

Off Page Strategies help Brand your Company   Off page SEO is something that has been recommended to business owners for several years due to the obvious benefits that the practice provides. Good Content is certainly the need in order to make your brand more valuable and to attract users. With the help of OffContinue Reading

Who has Survived Google’s Panda “Farmer” Update?

  In March, Google released a major update to its search algorithm. The update is codenamed “Panda,” after one of the engineers that spearheaded the months-long algorithm tweak. But in the media, it’s being referred to as the “Farmer Update,” in reference to the so-called “content farms” that the update targets.   A “content farm”Continue Reading

Three of the Largest Companies Take Content Marketing to the Next Level

  It goes by many names: branded content, custom publishing, and content marketing. Cheap and ubiquitous web technology has become fuel for a rising trend of businesses becoming publishers and brands becoming media companies. Through content creation, brands can engage directly with an audience rather than relying on intermediary media channels.   According to theContinue Reading