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Why Is Online Reputation Management Important?

This is the world of unlimited, unbiased and unaltered information. Blogs and socializing web pages act as an excellent medium for individuals with similar interests to share their view points and experiences about all aspects of life. Be it businesses or products, they are all under scrutiny of the general public who are ready toContinue Reading


THE POWER OF PINNING Pinterest has exploded in popularity exponentially since its relatively recent genesis, and it’s now one of the most valuable and unique marketing tools available to small businesses. The social media giant has also recently introduced Pinterest business accounts, making it even more user-friendly for businesses of all shapes and sizes toContinue Reading

Realtors Adopting Digital Marketing, Look For Higher ROI

Online marketing, the sole domain of consumer goods companies, retail firms and travel agencies, has now got property developers lapping it up. The realty sector plans to launch different digital applications to engage with prospective home buyers. The shift in spend is helping cut down advertisement budgets by 10-15 per cent. Ad spends across differentContinue Reading