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STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

STEVE JOBS 1955-2011 Steve Jobs was the Thomas Edison of our time. Just as the light bulb changed the way we looked at things so did the innovations that Steve imagined and produced. He was of the world’s greatest marketers. We will miss him.   In his own words he expresses his philosophy of deathContinue Reading


SEO FOR MOBILE PHONES The precedence of mobile search has become quite noticeable over the years, especially since every other person in this world now uses a Smartphone. As internet usage on smart phones increases exponentially by the day, tech analysts have come to understand the need to push SEO for mobile phones. Although thisContinue Reading

Why You Should Use Multiple Web Analytics Tools

Why Analytics Are So Important   With SEO the most important thing to track is performance. Of course the bank account (& its growth rate) is a high level tracking mechanism, but it is the result of the combination of many ideas & efforts, the combination of multiple marketing strategies & traffic streams. To digContinue Reading

Google buys Motorola along with extensive patent portfolio

Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility this week was primarily driven by the internet giant’s need to acquire a patent and intellectual property portfolio to protect the Android ecosystem. The move strengthens Google and Android against the rising tide of patent litigation that many technology firms now face.   The deal brings Google Motorola Mobility’s extensiveContinue Reading

Google+ Brand Pages 4 Reasons It Try’s to be better Than Facebook’s

Google+ Brand Pages 4 Reasons It Try’s to be better Than Facebook’s     Converting Facebook’s 750 million active users to Google+ will be a long, difficult battle for the search giant. But converting brands to Google+ will be much easier if Google+ is able to solve advertisers’ biggest problems with Facebook — such asContinue Reading

Your Next Step In Your Social Media Campaign

Believe it or not, there is more to social media than just following people, rounding up fans or, more recently, “circling” people! As a brand manager your job does not stop once you reach your target of fans or the number of people you need in your circle. With Google coming up with brand-specific GoogleContinue Reading

Google Plus Will it or Wont it?

Google Plus: Will it; Wont it?   We have had a look at the shiny new social networking site when it launched and we have definitely made several predictions regarding how it may or may not take over Facebook. After learning its lessons from the debacle of Buzz and Wave, Google has definitely got itContinue Reading