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SEO Management

SEO Management   In recent months, SEO Management has almost become an oxymoron. It’s well known that Google and the other search engines have made a lot of recent changes. That’s why the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has been reeling; trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Based on months of considerable testing,Continue Reading


Website Analytics Consulting Do numbers drive you?   Online marketing offers measure ability. It allows you to learn from small victories & feed your decisions. It allows you to retrace your steps & figure out what went wrong. The means are right there, but translating data into tangible metrics can be overwhelming in a complexContinue Reading

Social Media and 3 steps to Improve your SEO

Social Media and 3 steps to Improve your SEO   There’s no doubt now that your social media presence influences your rankings within the search engine results pages.  However, what are up for debate are the specific mechanisms by which social media signals influence your site’s SEO. In lieu of a definitive answer from Google (which we’reContinue Reading

Enhancing Your Website’s Usability

 Enhancing Your Website’s Usability The success of a webpage is directly proportional to the kind of usability it provides to the site visitors. In simple terms, Usability is the experience a visitor has on a particular site. Let’s face it; users are not too concerned with understanding the intricacies of a web page and tryingContinue Reading

Who has Survived Google’s Panda “Farmer” Update?

  In March, Google released a major update to its search algorithm. The update is codenamed “Panda,” after one of the engineers that spearheaded the months-long algorithm tweak. But in the media, it’s being referred to as the “Farmer Update,” in reference to the so-called “content farms” that the update targets.   A “content farm”Continue Reading

Google Panda Update – Webmasters Still Trying to Crack the Code

It’s about content and how users engage with it   “In this socialized world, it just makes sense that Google would start using more engagement metrics such as demographic, psychographic, and behavioral metrics. Putting together a list of possible data sources Google could use as signals, showed the list quickly grew large”. “Most of theContinue Reading

What Causes Filters or Penalties to Get Applied by Search Engines?

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), there are 2 definitions for the sanctions that can be placed on your site by a search engine. The first is a penalty, and the second is a filter. Each one has different causes and remedies, but if you’ve dropped out of the first few pages ofContinue Reading