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Who has Survived Google’s Panda “Farmer” Update?

  In March, Google released a major update to its search algorithm. The update is codenamed “Panda,” after one of the engineers that spearheaded the months-long algorithm tweak. But in the media, it’s being referred to as the “Farmer Update,” in reference to the so-called “content farms” that the update targets.   A “content farm”Continue Reading

Three of the Largest Companies Take Content Marketing to the Next Level

  It goes by many names: branded content, custom publishing, and content marketing. Cheap and ubiquitous web technology has become fuel for a rising trend of businesses becoming publishers and brands becoming media companies. Through content creation, brands can engage directly with an audience rather than relying on intermediary media channels.   According to theContinue Reading

Google Panda Update – Webmasters Still Trying to Crack the Code

It’s about content and how users engage with it   “In this socialized world, it just makes sense that Google would start using more engagement metrics such as demographic, psychographic, and behavioral metrics. Putting together a list of possible data sources Google could use as signals, showed the list quickly grew large”. “Most of theContinue Reading

What Causes Filters or Penalties to Get Applied by Search Engines?

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), there are 2 definitions for the sanctions that can be placed on your site by a search engine. The first is a penalty, and the second is a filter. Each one has different causes and remedies, but if you’ve dropped out of the first few pages ofContinue Reading

The Basics of Link Development

Gone are the days when adding multiple links from any website would immediately bump your own site to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Today, Google and other SEO-centric search engines (like Blekko) are spending a fair amount of time and resources figuring out the differences between an organic or natural link andContinue Reading

Best SEO Blogs to Follow in 2011

  Best SEO Blogs to Follow in 2011   As an SEO practitioner, it’s imperative to keep your knowledge about the industry up-to-date, given that search engine optimization is a constantly evolving field. So in this short post, I’ll just share the SEO blogs that I personally follow, which I believe offer the most educationalContinue Reading

Google Algorithm Update Boosts Value of Quality Content

  The value of original, high quality web content continues to rise as Google makes new moves to decrease the visibility of low-quality websites. The search engine giant recently updated its algorithm to suppress the presence of link farms, which generate endless streams of poorly written, regurgitated articles. It’s all in a bid to caterContinue Reading