Penguin 5 is here but no worries if your link profile is clean

see url Penguin 5 is here but no worries if your link profile is clean

Google had officially confirmed that Penguin 5 is here. If you want to go by Google’s nomenclature, it is called Penguin 2.1. See the tweet from Matt Cutts, you know who he is.

It will further enhance the spam fighting prowess of Google and is expected to be an updated version of Google’s second generation spam fighting algorithm. That is probably why Google is calling it Penguin 2.1

How much is affected?

As you can see, Matt is claiming 1% affected search query which makes it the third biggest Penguin update in history. See below a complete list of updates as it happened.

  • Penguin 1, date April 24, 2012, effect on around 3.1% of queries
  • Penguin 2, on May 26, 2012, effect on around 0.1% queries
  • Penguin 3, date October 5, 2012, effect on around 0.3% queries
  • Penguin 4, date May 22, 2013, effect on around 2.3% of queries

Reasons you might get hurt

Penguin always penalized sites for bad quality backlinks to your site. If you were following our posts and took actions to remove low quality links to your site, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you didn’t take the warning carefully enough, you might need to check the ranking soon.

We were expecting a Penguin Update soon and that is why we were preparing our defense for a client website. Let us share what the tool had to say about the link profile of the site.

What is the Power-Trust factor of the websites from where you are getting your backlinks?

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