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SEO Management


In recent months, SEO Management has almost become an oxymoron. It’s well known that Google and the other search engines have made a lot of recent changes. That’s why the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has been reeling; trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Based on months of considerable testing, SEO Consulting Expert has announced the top nine factors for successful SEO Management.


Roland Wade, co-owner of SEO Consulting Expert says, “SEO Management has become complex enough that most brick-n-mortar local businesses no longer have the knowledge necessary to rank their own websites on the top of the search engines.”

Here are SEO Consulting Expert’s top nine SEO Management variables:

Mobile Responsive – This means that no matter what the size of the device looking at a website, the website will adjust its presentation to match the screen size. This is perhaps the most technically difficult of the new requirements. Currently less than 2% of the world’s websites are dynamically mobile responsive.


To test if a site is mobile responsive, open the website in any browser and then re-size the browser from big to very small and back again. If the website is mobile responsive it will automatically readjust its layout, to fit the new window. This is a far cry better than the industry’s attempts last year to just make the text and images small enough to fit into the smaller window. It was so small in fact, that it was very difficult to see any detail.


Above The Fold – Above the fold is an old news paper term, referring to the top half of the front page. In today’s website terminology, it refers to the top half of the home page. The search engines are now looking for keyword rich valuable content, above the fold. SEO Consulting Expert suggests that 50% of the space above-the-fold should be dedicated to valuable content text.


Fat Website – Google is now giving preference to big fat websites with tons of “valuable” content and hundreds of pages.


Blogs – Blogs are important, in fact critical, but they no longer need to be on page one, so putting the link near the bottom is best.  This is a very good thing, because people coming directly to the website seldom care about the blog.  The people that care about the blog are those that found the blog article on another website and linked to it from the outside.


Keyword Stuffing – This is when a web developer has more than 3% keyword concentration.  The search engines now prefer under 1%.


Doodles – Animated videos are real hot on the internet.  They’re expensive, but they’re very effective in motivating people to pick up the phone and call.


Speed – Ranking is now partially determined by how fast the website loads.  SEO Consulting Expert’s websites’ loading times are in the top 5% of all websites and this definitely helps in the rankings.

Security – Even if the search engines don’t find this important, every business should take this seriously. 90% of the world’s websites can be hacked, hijacked, or spammed in a matter of minutes.


Relevant Content – Adding relevant content to your website consistently is still as important as ever. SEO Consulting Expert’s rule of thumb is to add valuable content every week.


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