Link Earning

Link Earning

Link Earning: Getting Links To Your Website with the best

link earning

Link Earning is defined as, “The number of quality, relevant websites that link to your website with high PR’ and Trust, thereby increasing the value of your website as having authority in the eyes of the search engines.”

We take a holistic approach to link earning. Utilizing multiple link building methods we build effective campaigns that balance quality, velocity, quantity, variety, and value to deliver top rankings that last.

 Link Earning Wheel

A link wheel is one of the most popular and effective ways to promote your website to the top of the search engines. Below is a basic illustration of how our high quality link wheels work:


1) Link Earning Wheel with 8 main web 2.0 properties. 16 unique articles will be created on your subject, targeted keywords. 8 will be used for the main properties (1-8) and spinned versions of each of the other 8 unique articles will be used to create 3 sub properties to each of the main properties, also linking to your main website as shown in the diagram. So in total, 32 web 2.0 properties will be made having a structure shown in our link wheel diagram.

2)Also the batch containing the main property and 3 of its sub properties will be submitted to 100 PR 4+ authority websites for profile links. This will give them more authority and will make them more powerful.

3) Your Main website alone will be submitted to around 300 PR4+ authority websites separately.

4) Everything will be bookmarked, pinged, submitted to RSS directories for more link juice and faster indexing.

5) A detailed report will be submitted after the work, with every detail about the created links.

So overall, you are getting, 1100+ back links overall.

Link Wheel Optimization

SEO Consulting Expert Link-Wheel Diagram


Trust Building Before Link Earning

Our link earning will include a variety of high quality link strategies and also services such as directory and article link building. We always build strategies that balance value, effectiveness, and risk. Our strategies are designed to build trust with the search engines. If the search engines do not trust your links, you will not see ranking increases.

There are few strategies in link earning that are as important as developing a natural looking back-link profile.  Deploying a well thought out anchor text strategy is crucial for obtaining and maintaining strong keyword rankings.  Using keywords in the anchor text of your back-links is one of the most powerful tools in a link builder’s arsenal; however, as with many things in life, with such power one must exercise great responsibility. Deploying the wrong anchor text strategy can quickly reverse the positive effects of any link building campaign.

Google understands that one of the easiest and most powerful ranking factors to game in its algorithm is the anchor text contained in your back-links.  As expected, they are becoming increasingly diligent in their efforts to detect artificial anchor text patterns.

If a large portion of new back-links pointing to your site are using the same anchor text, there is a good chance that Google’s algorithms will detect it and lower your overall trust score.  If your website trust score lowers significantly enough you will likely see a decrease in the velocity of your ranking improvements.  Once your trust score falls below a certain threshold, you may see very few ranking improvements or in the worst case you may lose rankings.

While it is possible to obtain quick rankings by targeting only a few keywords, the benefits will be short-term. The more aggressive you become in building links to a small number of individual keywords the more likely you will lower your trust score and see lowered returns on your link earning efforts.

 Our Link Earning Methodology “We Build You a Custom Strategy”

Our strategy will begin with keyword research and a thorough analysis of both your and your competitors’ back-links/websites. Our strategies range from including one link building technique to incorporating over a dozen. Once we choose which link earning techniques are appropriate for you we organize them into a short and long term strategy.

 Timing of Earning Links

WHEN you earn links is just as important as HOW you earn them. Earn too many too soon and it will look unnatural, causing you to lose trust with Google. New sites must be approached differently than matured ones. After earning thousands of links for hundreds of clients we know exactly how aggressive we can be.

We will look at the age and back-link profile of your site and then develop a program that is both safe and effective. The trick is to build them fast enough to get results but not too fast as to raise flags.

 Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text is a key piece to the puzzle. Picking the right keywords for your links is very important. Over optimization is also a concern. We know how to find the right balance between building too many links for a keyword and building enough to see quick ranking increases.

 Variety is Key

One of the most important techniques for earning links correctly is earning a variety of links versus earning a ton of the same kind of link. It does not look natural to earn all of the same kind of links. It may be appropriate if you are earning a very small amount of links but for most link earning strategies it’s important to mix it up. Nothing looks more natural than to have links coming from all over the place.

 Back link Boosting – 2nd Tier Links

In order to create a natural link profile we do not earn all links to your site, we instead also link to the pages that already link to you earning a river of link popularity. Why is this so effective and desirable? It all has to do with Google Trust. Google looks at your back links and if it sees too many of what appear to be unnatural links, you will lose trust in Google, and with lost trust comes lost rankings.

The solution for this is to earn less links directly to your site but instead earn links to other pages that link to yours. These pages will either be built by us or can be preexisting pages. With this technique we can earn hundreds/thousands of links to your site but make it only appear like you have built a few.

 Google Trust, Trust Rank, Trust Score

Google gives every site a Trust Score. There are many ways to gain or lose trust with Google. Increased trust means increased rankings. One way to increase trust is to get other trusted sites to link to yours. Trusted sites can also be called Authority sites. You also earn trust by having quality content. There are many ways to lose trust. You can lose trust by putting spammy duplicate content on your site, earning links to bad neighborhoods (Sites that have been marked as be untrustworthy), or by earning links too quickly. You can also loose trust in Google if a large portion of your back-links look unnatural.

 Campaign Measurement & Reporting

It is important to start and maintain proper expectations with any SEO campaign.  Since there is a delay between actions and results and there is approximately a 30-day research period in the beginning of a campaign, it is suggested that you will not experience any significant traffic increases for at least 5 to 6 months after the campaign is initiated.

Results of any Link Earning will generally not be fully realized for at least 90 days after links have been placed.  Once a link is placed it must first be found by the Google bots and added to the Google data centers for analysis. There is then generally a 45 to 60 day period for search engine ranking updates to be completed.

We will be tracking statistics against a baseline that will be created in the beginning of the campaign.  The baseline will measure, existing traffic, rankings and link profile.

Link profiles will be measured by using external independent tools such as Yahoo Site Explorer, SEOMOZ’s Landscape and Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO.  This will allow us to track numbers and increases in links you’re your site’s profile and trust score.



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