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More and more companies turn to search engine marketing because it offers the best ROI for product marketing.

We didn’t make this up. This is the consensus of over a thousand marketing professionals who understand why search offers the greatest efficiency of all marketing mediums.

The fact that it’s so popular also means it’s super competitive. Google spiders a trillion websites each month. On most searches for your keywords, you compete with 1-100 million other web pages to get to the top.

At the top is where you need to be. 68% of searchers never get beyond page 1 of the search results.

At™, our sole mission in SEO is getting you to the top of the search engines.

As a search engine marketing firm, we have the knowledge and experience to harness the power of SEO and propel your website to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. The end result: a dramatic increase in traffic, brand-building, leads and sales.

SEO Web Site Tune up

SEO Web Site Tune Up

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Here’s what our SEO Website Tune-Up Program consists of:     Website Tune-up Program

Search Engine Optimization

  • We tune-up your web pages – Up to 16 pages.
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Tags
    • Description Tags
    • Headers
    • Content
  • A search engine friendly sitemap (XML) so the search engine spiders can index your websites entire content – up to 500 pages. (Gets you indexed)
  • Search Phrases (Keywords): We target 3 or more word search phrases that your website will have good potential to rank for. We’ll research the phrases to ensure there are enough searches each month to provide click-through results (1,000+).
  • Google Analytics set up
  • Google Webmaster Tools setup (Sitemap)
  • Optimized Google Places listing: Google places now ranks highest on the page when searching for local services. If your market is in your local area, we’ll set this up so that you are optimized for the correct search terms.


go to link How Search Engine Optimization Works

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that takes rigorous implementation and ongoing maintenance to stay on top of the ever-changing technology and fierce competition.

The goal of SEO is to increase your website’s visibility, rankings and trust on the search engines.

That’s a simple enough concept. Making it happen is another thing. It all starts with understanding search engines.

How Search Engines Think

Google is the main search engine, but depending on your business, there are several others that offer value such as Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.

The complex and confidential algorithms that make Google and other search engines successful are also what make it difficult for businesses to fully understand how to optimize their site.

Google indexes and ranks web pages based on an algorithm that evaluates over 200 factors that signal relevance, importance, popularity, trust, and authority. While no search engine discloses the exact elements of their formula, which change constantly, we research and analyze them extensively to determine which components have top priority and how to best utilize this knowledge to get you to the top.


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