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Social Media Content Marketing 2017 – Build a loyal community and the rest follows.

SEO Consulting Expert is pleased to present our newest social media service, that gives your business a competitive edge on Face Book.  Premium Facebook Ad’s management services. Our newest product offering gives your business a competitive edge on Facebook.  From professional Ad Campaign Management  with revenue-oriented content to seeding your fan page with GEO Targeted Fans. SEO Consulting Experts offers our Facebook services to fit every industry and marketing budget.

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It’s time to start listening to your customers and engaging them in conversations with your company. In this 20 minute one-on-one session with one of our Search Marketing executives, we’ll walkthrough your:

  • Social Media Strategy: Whether you’re B2C or B2B, discover frameworks that will best help you track and measure your social media campaign’s success.
  • Customer Engagement Plan: Identify which social media channels your prospects spend their time on. Find out how to create real engagement and trusted relationship to build brand advocates.
  • Share of Voice Analysis: Determine where you stand against your top competitors in the digital realm. Find out your online “market share” and identify areas for improvement.

This Digital Content Marketing analysis is no risk, highly effective, and totally complimentary!

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Here’s a Social Media Marketing guide to help you understand how best to Leverage Major Social Media sites.
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Premium Facebook Advertising Management Services


SEO Consulting Expert is pleased to present our newest social media service, that gives your business a competitive edge on Face Book.  Premium Facebook Ad’s management services. Our newest product offering gives your business a competitive edge on Facebook.  From professional Ad Campaign Management  with revenue-oriented content.  SEO Consulting Experts offers our Facebook services to fit every industry and marketing budget.

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

 Many companies engage with Social Media without a clear sense of purpose and without determining how it fits into an overall strategy for digital dominance. Work with a good content marketing company, you’ll have a social media strategy custom-designed to meet your needs, and one that can be fully integrated with your other digital marketing programs. Whether you’re looking for guidance and support, or you want us to manage the whole process, we can get your Social Media Marketing to the next level.

We can expand your reach through Paid Social like Sponsored Tweets and Facebook ads. We can build your Share of Voice by syndicating high quality, unique content about your company and products across relevant and SEO-boosting industry blogs, social micro sites, video platforms, and forums like Quora.  But it’s easy to waste effort if there isn’t a clear strategy for reaching your customers and translating their engagement into action.  Don’t have an in-house content creation team?  We can manage this for you as well.

Measure More Than Just “Likes”

No campaign is complete without metrics and analytics to measure the results. Here are some of the benchmarks that we measure:

  • Number of leads and sales your blog produces
  • Number of evangelists and fans you have on Twitter and Facebook
  • Website traffic driven by bloggers and Twitter users
  • At what rate your Social Media Marketing tools convert to sales – what’s the ROI?

Paid Social

Get in front of a highly targeted and receptive audience at appealing CPMs through advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Drive traffic to your social micro sites.  Complement your existing SEM and Display campaigns by reaching your targeted demographics across their online universe.

SEO-Optimized Blog Design & Development

The hub for all successful social media efforts is with your blog. Not only is it a great way for your company engage with your existing community of customers, but every blog post becomes can be a bridge between you and your next customer. It gives customers and prospects an opportunity to interact with your company, offer feedback, and learn more about your company’s message and culture. Our blogging experts will review and enhance your existing blog, or develop and design a new blog to fit your company theme and culture, and optimize it for search engines and social media sites to gain maximum traffic and viral potential.

Brand Monitoring

Following social media can be overwhelming. We monitor any and all mentions of your company on blogs, Twitter, forums, and other social networks and deliver actionable reporting on the qualitative and quantitative details of each. This allows for rapid, real-time responses to protect your brand and leverage opportunities to drive more sales in a timely manner. Since the conversation is already happening online, we help you join it, respond when you need to and talk to your audience so you can build a relevant and loyal following.

Here’s our Social Media overview…


Establish your Social Media Presence

It all starts here. We take care of setting up your presence on the social networks that will benefit your business the most. Options include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and many others.

Develop an Engagement Strategy

Put our expertise to work for you. We have years of experience in growing internet audiences by entertaining and educating customers. We plan a strategy that will not just bring in fans, but will also generate real leads and build brand loyalty.


The objective with each Facebook advertising campaign will be to align an objective which will be agreed upon from you, such as driving traffic to the website/sales, increasing engagement, or increasing Facebook Likes.

A campaign consists of several similar, but unique ads with a common objective.  Several ads are created using different photos, text, keywords, and calls to action to determine which ones appeal most and work best for your demographic.  Ads can be based Cost Per Click (CPC) or what is called Impressions which is when someone just sees the ad.  We will recommend which type is used based on the objective of the campaign, but as an example, to drive people to the website to buy something, we would use a CPC campaign and track how many people clicked through to the website and actually completed a purchase to track ROI.

 For Each AD Campaign:  

–         Create a campaign designed to meet the specific objectives discussed.  Once target demographics are discussed, the campaign will be designed to target that demographic with tracking and reporting available for the campaign.  Photos for the campaign will be provided by the client.  We will create recommended copy leveraging keywords from the website and best marketing practices, but copy will be approved prior to the ad being run.  Any ads designed to sell a specific product will be linked to landing pages relative to the ad.

–         Campaign monitoring will be provided.  Lower performing ads will be modified or deleted as appropriate.

–         The client will specify the daily budget.  Once the ad campaign target and type are discussed, we will provide details on the cost for the type of ad (Facebook ad costs vary greatly by demographic and type of ad) and then a budget will be agreed upon.  The initial period for a campaign is typically 30 days with the return being evaluated each week.   Ads can be stopped at any time.  The budget can also be adjusted at any time.

–         1 Facebook Custom Design Landing Page, 1 Branded Timeline Cover Banner, 1 Branded Profile Image, 3 Thumbnail Images.

Contact us for the Price of any ad campaign:  for set-up including one month of management

Cost to maintain each campaign after the initial month:   Will include keeping content fresh, monitoring performance, and making changes as needed.  We can also experiment varying the demographic if you are not certain of your highest performing demographic (men/women, age, married, religious interests, etc.)



Engage Customers:

Social networking isn’t just about talking. It’s about listening. We will monitor social networks for user-generated content that needs attention and respond or forward it to the appropriate person at your company for resolution. Our tracking software allows us to track issue resolution and response time.

Monitor Content

We will also filter for any inappropriate or damaging content and remove it in a timely fashion.


Publish Fresh Engaging Content

Making the most of social media requires regular activity. We do that for you so you can focus on running your business.

Develop Custom Campaigns

Take your Facebook page to another level of professionalism. Our Facebook applications greatly enhance the look of your site and add another level of interactivity for your customers. Run polls, add coupons, and embed your web content directly into your Facebook page for easy access. Our developers can make it happen.


Track Success and Customer Data

Gather business intelligence by tracking the effectiveness of individual campaign elements. Track what customers like, share, and re-tweet. Sort results by demographic information.

Custom Reporting

Results are tabulated and analyzed by our team and sent to you on a monthly basis.

Two platforms…

Additional platforms on top of the two platforms…  We can discuss

As for the Google+ program:

Search has gone social…  The top impact to search is now social media.

Google+ Local is a new social media network

Quality results will come to the top

Google+ Content Marketing

If you think Google+ is just for social networking, think again. According to content marketing experts, Google+ is the next best thing since Rss feeds when it comes to sharing information. This is good news for industries like real estate or medicine that rely upon complex information for marketing purposes but exactly how does it work?

Growing Via Google+

Google+ is currently one of the fastest growing traffic drivers on the Internet with rich features that allow marketing experts to build a robust brand image yet connect directly with a highly targeted audience via Google Circles. In fact, 6 out of 10 marketing companies are expected to spend MORE on content marketing thanks to the ability to generate niche content and reach highly segmented audience targets. With Google+ expanding to over 20 million users within weeks, it’s one of the fastest growing social media sites ever to hit the Internet; but remember, to use it, you must join!

Nuanced Campaigns

They key is the ability to use nuanced circles and achieve an emotional connection with clients and consumers. It’s no longer sufficient to create a brand with followers; clients want communities that understand the product or service in which to interact.  According to a recent study conducted by

  • 31% use social media to research goods.
  • Over 30% use it primarily as a tool to stay in communication with friend or family.
  • Just fewer than 10% use it to read feedback on their blogs.

Google+ provides the perfect platform to accomplish this plus more. Now it’s possible to segment your contacts in a method that makes sense. For example, a real estate agent might segment investors versus first-time homebuyers by creating a highly targeted message for each rather than requiring each to slog through information that matters little to their personal situation.

Extensive Reach

The value of Google+ resides not only in the social media network but the integration of Google+ with the entire Google network; Google+ was built to share content…a fact often overlooked with the early comparisons to Facebook or other social media sites. However, the fact remains, Google+ utilizes the share function in a more robust method than Twitter yet with the full access of social interaction afforded by Facebook. Combined with the broadest possible reach, it’s a win-win situation for content marketing experts, social media consulting and social media agencies.


The Google search engine rewards sharing of information – especially that contained on Google+ circles or other forms of interactive sharing via social media. Twitter re-tweets have long been recognized as a method of increasing ratings. The same applies to Google+ Circles. In fact, by integrating with other rich media methods and resources, the ability to utilize SEO has just grown exponentially while simultaneously reaching an ever more targeted population.


Take a look at our special packages, we offer all of them with the same high quality; choose the one that best fits your needs and then order.  We will then contact you back for more details and specifics.  Each package takes your fan page to another level.  Be sure to check our portfolio to see examples of the powerful reveal option (which is a teaser page and a new page is revealed once liked).  It’s very powerful for getting customers along with email opt-in. You can also select additional items a-la-cart.

 LIVE Facebook custom design Clients Samples


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Facebook relies on only one number to determine who to display in its search results; the number of fans a page has.  If your business has been struggling to maintain a significant social media presence, do not delay in contacting us!

 Social Media Campaign Monitoring:

We look at the first 30 to 60 days of work bringing in the 10,000 fans to your Facebook account and how these are converting to actual paying customers. We evaluate the effectiveness of this campaign and then move forward with bringing in more Fans (NOTE: This will incur additional campaign costs to be discussed in real time, billed and paid for and then implemented)


Before and After Facebook Fan Seeding Campaigns

Information about your products and services is being shared today via social media. The question you have to ask is;

“Do I want to be a part of that conversation, and shift it to my advantage?”

Over 60% of U.S. companies engage in one form or another of social media , and the number is growing. There are a lot of reasons for this. Social media marketing campaigns:

  • Boost your qualified online traffic
  • Promote your brand positively
  • Grow leads and sales with measurable ROI
  • Build a loyal community for your company

But just creating social media accounts is not the answer. What matters is what you do with them, and that’s where SEO Consulting Expert’s social media optimization (SMO) services can help. Get plugged into thousands of Fans!

Social Media Linking


Facebook fan page
















The Benefits of Having More Facebook Fans

Facebook has become more than a Social Network to keep up with friends; it has developed into much more. The marketing benefits for a new or established business are huge. With more than 800 million active users, it’s a great place to expose your brand and gain popularity, the best tool Facebook offer to achieve this are “Fan Pages”. You can post updates to your fan page and they will show up on almost every fan’s news-feed, so their friends will see it too, giving you the chance to get even more fans and followers.

When you use PPC or other paid advertising method, it can be very costly, but when using a fan page to communicate with your potential clients you don’t have to pay anything. When you have a good amount of fans, this can be very beneficial, a research made by SEO Consulting Expert that a Facebook fan is worth $3.60 or more!

The easiest way to get more fans fast is to buy Facebook fans, you will see an increase of sales and popularity with little effort and it will save you a lot of time. Buying fans is fairly cheap compared to traditional online advertising methods, and the potential benefits of having a fan page with a lot of fans are big but the cost is not.

What’s the value of a Facebook Fan? – A question we are asked every day. Savvy marketers continue to invest substantial sums in building a presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  They clearly see the Return on Investment (ROI), and we want to help you understand some of the reasons why.  So we developed the first-ever published Facebook fan valuation.  According to our research a Facebook Page with 1 million fans is worth a minimum of $3.6 million in earned media annually. Honestly that’s just the tip of the iceberg as I’ll explain.

Let’s explore how we developed the Fan valuation.

SEO Consulting Expert manages over 15 million fans and sampled data across varying pages from digital entertainment to retail to B2B to CPG to publishers to quick serve restaurants—in order to determine a wall post impression to Fan ratio. In other words, how many impressions can a single wall post receive? To our surprise we learned the average was approximately 1:1 (0.96:1 to be exact).

This means a 1 million Fan Facebook Page can average 1 million impressions with a single post to the wall. Factor frequency; a two post per day strategy would garner approximately 60 million impressions per month. Now here’s a metric all marketers are familiar with – we’ve been buying impressions since the dawn of the Internet.

These impressions are practically free, similar to earned media – that we are all familiar with. So our last step is to place a CPM value to our earned media. We factored a very conservative $5 CPM – how much would you pay for highly targeted impressions?

This final assumption gives a 1 million fan page $300,000 in earned media per month or $3.6 million annually.

 1M impressions x 2 posts x 30 days = 60M impressions

60M impressions / 1000 x $5 CPM = $300,000

So there you have it: a simple valuation using metrics every marketer is familiar with. But that’s not all. Facebook wall posts have social engagement such as clicks, comments, likes, plays and shares. Wall Apps such as a coupon or a poll offer even greater levels of engagement. Brands engaging their Fans stand to earn much more value, potentially doubling or tripling these estimates.

Are you feeling short on fans? I hope this simple valuation helps you see the importance of a Facebook Fan acquisition strategy. One of the fastest ways to grow your Fan base is with Facebook Ads. You can also leverage Fan exclusive content/offers and deploy engaging apps.


 From time to time Facebook, Twitter & YouTube do update their platforms and occasionally those updates effect the layout/display of a customized design.  Although we do everything  we can to accommodate our customers when these changes occur, we are not responsible for how these changes / updates effect the display of customized designs.


SEO Consulting Expert, LLC is NOT affiliated or associated with Facebook.

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