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Online marketing offers measure ability. It allows you to learn from small victories & feed your decisions. It allows you to retrace your steps & figure out what went wrong. The means are right there, but translating data into tangible metrics can be overwhelming in a complex digital landscape.

We understand…

After nearly a decade in digital marketing and few hundred successful SEO and PPC campaigns, we recognize your need to sift through data & draw actionable insights. Our experience will help you track & analyze your business’s online performance with a view to improve the accountability of your campaigns. Here’s how we can help…

Are you tracking the right metrics?

Our team of Google Analytics certified individuals analyze your business & help you determine metrics that define success for your online campaigns. While prioritizing key metrics is crucial, it’s equally important to ascertain that traffic is being tracked properly. We therefore ensure that the tracking codes on your web pages are correct & provide the information you need.

All website pages are scanned for inconsistencies in the tracking code through our proprietary software. Once errors are eliminated, tracking code customizations are sent across to track user behavior on the website in a more in-depth manner. You may need such customizations to answer certain behavioral queries, such as –

  • What are the popular outbound links on the website?
  • Which pages are prompting visitors to fill up the lead form & what are the drop-off rates for such pages?
  • What are the behavioral trends of visitors that are signed-in as opposed to those that aren’t?
  • What percentage of first time customers from a particular traffic channel turn into repeat customers?

Stay updated on your KPIs with a single glance of our customized reports

Most businesses have unique sensibilities when it comes to online marketing & therefore they consume data very differently. This often entails a need for customized reports at different levels within organizations. We specialize in the development of such data dashboards that will allow you to stay briefed, spot trends & draw insights.

Interpret reports & understand your ROI

With measure ability, online marketing needs to be accountable. So to stay on top of your investments, we understand your need for prompt & accurate data on your campaigns. This service provides comprehensive updates on the health of your online campaigns in a format that makes sense. The reports are accompanied with insights into trends seen in different marketing channels & their correlations with each other.

We monitor, analyze, report & draw conclusions that help you engineer campaigns

Mining through a sea of data on your campaigns can be a tedious affair. From collecting data correctly to analyzing numbers that drive decisions; analytics requires time & experience. So we provide customizable & round the clock support to your marketing team on all issues pertaining to analytics. Our goal here is to partner up with your business & help it become more data driven by identifying trends & drawing high-value insights.

Learn from our experience

The major hindrance for businesses in imbibing an analytics driven culture is the lack of education. We therefore conduct analytics workshops & training seminars that are customized to be relevant for your business. It will allow your team to realize the full potential of analytics & make data driven decisions. Discover the true potential of Analytics and make informed business decisions. Contact our Experts today.



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