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How many times have you heard the phrase “content is king”?  This phrase
refers to the fact that at the end of the day, no matter how well the code
is optimized and no matter the number of back links we obtain through link
building, your site will not be indexed without good content that speaks to
your site’s focus.  Since Google and the other search engines are
text-based, Search Engine Optimized content in the form of unique, relevant,
keyword-rich text on your pages makes all the difference in the world.

An SEO campaign with SEO Consulting Expert includes not only optimization of
your site’s existing content pages; but ongoing content creation to support
current and future keywords.  The search engines like to see expanding
websites, updated with content on a regular basis- and increasing the number
of relevant, indexed pages will not only encourage the spiders to visit the
site more often, but allow end Users to find your content- meaning your
site- as well.

Content isn’t just for the spiders, however.  While we can write content
with the idea of supplying them with what they are looking for, content is
also produced with an eye towards branding your site and products on the
Internet.  We produce content with the idea in mind that it’s so compelling,
that other bloggers, journalists and webmasters will want to link to your
site- adding greatly to your site’s authority in the eyes of the spiders.

The amount of content created and optimized is standard with all of our
campaigns, but the quantity will vary depending on your budget.  Our
talented team of copywriters will produce on-site content- articles, blog
posts, and the like- as well as off-site content to include press releases
and syndicated articles- both to drive traffic and to inform the User. Link Building
Your navigational hierarchy plays a key role in passing link
gain, deep into your website.  Pages too far down your website tree won’t
get enough attention to warrant high rankings.
It is important to optimize your website linking structure by creating a
rich web of interlinking within your website. Whenever it is appropriate, we
will include links to related products, related articles, related searches,
etc. In doing so, we ensure the anchor text is optimal and visible enough to
both the user and the search engines.
Clean website navigation structure helps enhance the user experience on the
site, increase click through rate by providing shortcuts in form of mini sub
navigation’s, improve internal linking between all relevant pages which
helps build authority to your most important pages. Link Popularity
Link popularity is one of the most important elements that search engines
factor into their ranking algorithms. You may have a perfectly optimized
website; however, if your site does not have competitive link popularity
regarding your targeted keywords for optimization, then, your site is not
likely to compete for top rankings of these phrases.
Elements search engine algorithms consider important when evaluating the
strength of a link:
Page rank of the page where your link appears.
The actual text that is linked for example, it is optimum to use your main
keyword as the text that is linked instead of your company name.
The link popularity of the site that is linking to your site, Link
popularity is “inherited”; links that come from sites that are authoritative
in the SEPV are more powerful.
Industry relevancy of the sites promoting your products and services plays a
big role in determining the quality of such link.


Website Code Optimization

The source code on the site is what the spiders read to determine where your
site should show up in the rankings (along with many other factors) and
having code optimization done will ensure that all of the relevant pages of
your site are properly indexed.  We implement best practices such as
externalizing CSS and JavaScript and eliminating white space and comments in
the code that can prevent the spiders from finding and indexing your content
in a timely and effective manner.

Another very important factor when it comes to code optimization for SEO is
page load times. SEO Consulting Expert can help clean up any “code bloat”,
ensuring that your pages load quickly and are therefore indexed quickly.
This step is not always necessary in the optimization process- though that
will be evaluated during the website analysis phase of the campaign- so it
is mainly applied to our Platinum Plus, Performance, and Performance Plus


SEO Structural Optimization

Structural optimization of your site ensures that Users and the automated
agents that crawl the web (spiders) are able to find your relevant content
quickly, thus granting your pages more authority.  Ensuring that URLs are
properly named, and that an efficient directory structure is implemented is
extremely important for the success of your website.

Structural optimization may include changing or renaming URLs, ensuring that
the XML and HTML site-maps are properly formatted and in a place where the
spiders can find them, or redoing your Flash-based site navigation to be in
a format that the spiders can read and catalog.  We can optimize or
completely redo your navigation structure, if necessary, to ensure that when
qualified traffic lands on your pages, that traffic is converted to sales.

We can also make changes to elements on the page that will encourage Users
to “stick” to your site, and eventually make an order, or pick up the phone
and give you a call.  We will identify your website’s conversion points and
make sure that structurally, the site speaks to those conversion points,
along with having great content.

Structural optimization is part of the initial tune-up of the site,
completed after the initial site analysis is produced but before off-site
content and linking efforts begin.  This structural analysis and tuning
ensures maximum ROI on your SEO investment. So, let’s get to work!


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