What is QR Code and Mobile Media Solutions?

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QR Codes are 2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using any modern mobile phone. This code will then be converted (called “dequrified”) into a piece of (interactive) text and/or link. For instance, you walk around in the city and notice a poster for an event that seems interesting. You take out your mobile phone, scan the QR Code and will instantly get more information and a link to a website where you can book your tickets. You don’t have to type or remember anything and because QR Codes can be very small, this saves a lot of space on the product as well.


What to do with QR Codes?


By creating your own QR Codes (called “qurifying”) you can make whatever you want more interactive. Put one on your business card, on flyers for a party or poster to promote your products or services. Or use them to help sorting your books or CD’s, put them on your keys or tools so you know what they are for. Just qurify any text or website URL, put the QR Code on a product and make everything you have more interactive


QR Code – More information about QR Codes


QR Codes were created by Denso-Wave in 1994 and are very popular in Japan where you can find them everywhere. More information can be found at:



Vanity/Custom Facebook URLs are very useful for not only QR Code marketing but also very useful when incorporating social media into all additional marketing avenues.
What is a Vanity/Custom Facebook URL?
A vanity/custom Facebook URL actually is. When browsing from page to page on Facebook fan pages (aka business pages) can be given a unique URL that comes after http://www.Facebook.com/
For the Social QR Code Fan Page the vanity/custom URL is http://www.Facebook.com/SocialQRCode
How can a Vanity/Custom Facebook URL be used in Marketing?
A Vanity/Custom URL can be in many marketing avenues. You can place your vanity URL in:
Print marketing. Place Facebook.com/SocialQRCode in a magazine or newspaper ad to get new fans
Brochures. Again, you can place Facebook.com/SocialQRCode on a product or business brochure
Point of Sale. If you have a physical storefront, you can place your vanity URL in your store.
Radio. If you buy radio airtime, you can have the DJ mention “Facebook.com/SocialQRCode” to send radio listeners to your fan page. -Television. Let your television audience know you have a fan page by listing Facebook.com/SocialQRCode in your 30 second commercial spot



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