Why the SEO Consultant Will NEVER Go Away

http://sierracres.ca/2015/07/20/ Why the SEO Consultant Will NEVER Go Away

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It would be nice to know what pages Google thinks are of low quality, but they don’t say. It would be nice to know what pages are indexed in Google, but even official data given in Google Webmaster Tools varies widely over time, let alone the data which is shared publicly.


Further, some sites, like forums, are hard to edit to please Google without potentially destroying the flow of the community and enraging the community. Should sites have to delete or De-index their water cooler area because of Google?


What about the pages that Google-bot arbitrarily creates by putting keywords into search boxes and generating pages that the site owner may not even know are indexed?


The reason so many webmasters are forced to rely on external search advice is that Google’s desire to not be manipulated is so strong that they frequently appear dishonest and not worthy of trust. They speak vaguely, distort, and change the numbers as needed to fit the vision. Saying “in an ideal world” doesn’t make that ideal world appear. And people don’t trust folks like Donald Rumsfeld – at least smart people don’t.


And that is why the SEO market and SEO Consultant will never die.


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